ISA packaging factory was established in 1936 thanks to the intuition of Ferdinando Santetti who decided to dedicate himself to the production of quality shoe boxes after noticing the growing trend in shoe manufacturing in the region.
Intuition and entrepreneurial spirit helped Ferdinando Santetti transform ISA into a true market leader. Reliability, quality and customer service made ISA the packaging of choice of all major brands made in Italy. The two successive generations of the Santetti family led ISA through significant diversification strategies entering new market segments including leather products, fashion products, jewellery, perfumes and other complementary products such as stamps, logos, barcodes, protective cases and labels.
Four generations of the Santetti family have led the factory since 1936. The last three decades have seen Ferdinando and Simone Santetti maintaining the same values of the founder. Today, a new generation is ready and eager to continue a family history 80 years long.


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